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  1. The car has been in my family since new. I started driving it at 56,000 miles and the engine has never been cracked open until now.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it has a chain. However, they did reset the timing when they had it in. They diagnosed the cause of the original issue as a failing pushrod so the rods were also replaced during the repair.
  3. Update: I took it into a shop a while back and had it checked out. It turns out I had a couple of bent valves that would occasionally stick and bang up against the piston. They ended up sending my heads to a machine shop and overhauling them. It was a bigger job than I would have been comfortable doing myself so I'm glad I took it in. She runs like a dream again and I'm hoping to get at least another 150k out of her!
  4. Here are a couple more videos. The sound quality is not really improved but maybe you might see our hear something. Any tutorial on this forum for diagnosing possible flexplate symptoms? I couldn't find anything in a brief search.
  5. My 1995 Cutlass Supreme is making some unusual noises. I have the 3100 engine with about 145,000 miles that just recently started doing this. The condition worsens when it runs for a brief period of time (30 seconds) then is restarted soon after. If I rev the engine in neutral, this noise happens as well. It is not a cyclical knock. It happens if the AC is off or on so that is out of the question. It sounds like it is coming from the lower part of the engine. Any ideas? Video below: Another issue I am facing is an occasional violent shudder in the 5 seconds before coming to a complete stop. It also occurs when I slow down and then accelerate around 10-15 mph. I take my foot off the gas and can accelerate normally after that. It only occurs under warmed up condition. I'm thinking shift solenoid? 4T60E. Any help would be appreciated.
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