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  1. Turns out that I received two driver side calipers and installed a left side caliper on the right side. As a result, the bleeder ends up lower than it should be, which introduces air into the system. I grabbed the correct caliper, installed it, and re-bleeded the right side. The brakes are working perfectly now. It hadn't occurred to me that it would be possible to 'accidentally' install a left side caliper on the right side. I searched the forums and found out that this has happened before. Thanks for the help folks! Kindly, Fej
  2. Thanks 55trucker! That helps quite a bit. The procedure is definitely unfamiliar to me.
  3. The Haynes manual for my 1997 Lumina describes a secondary procedure for bleeding the brakes, and I don't understand it's purpose. 1) After the first bleeding process is complete, and the pedal feels soft, perform the following warning light test five times without touching the brake pedal. Then repeat the bleeding procedure. Warning light procedure: 1) Turn car on. 2) Watch ABS warning light for ten seconds. 3) If the warning light turns off after three seconds turn the car off. 4) Repeat five times, and then bleed the brakes again. Why is the secondary bleeding procedure necessary? Kindly, Fej
  4. Have you checked here?,1997,cutlass,3.1l+v6,1218888,accessories I've had some luck at CarID:
  5. I picked up a 1997 Chevy Lumina, in otherwise great condition, that had been struck by a Porsche (funny story). The driver side door has a reasonable amount of damage and needs to be replaced. I've been scoping out hollander and local salvage yards without much luck. Estimates for grabbing a door and having it repainted are in the vicinity of $700. If there are options I haven't considered I'd be grateful to hear them. The color code is grandma A121. Kindly, Fej
  6. Thanks folks for replying! I really appreciate it. Yeah, you're all right. It wasn't even close to being fully seated. I took the old one and had no problem getting it to fully seat with an aggressive shove. Upon inspection the snap ring on the new axle was significantly more expanded than the old one. It also had interference marks from my attempts to ram it in. After squeezing the ring a bit and gently filing the marks off it went all the way in without issue. Fej
  7. I picked up a 1997 Chevy Lumina that required front end work. The passenger side axle needed to be replaced. Otherwise it's in good condition. The new axle has been reassembled. Although the spline that enters the transmission doesn't "look" fully seated. It doesn't rotate and feels connected to the transmission. I should've taken a before and after picture to confirm. I have little experience with W-body vehicles and could use some assistance. Kindly, Fej
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