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  1. Oh s hit I wish this were on the east coast. It would cost $2000 to get it here. Dang. This is exactly what I'm looking for, low mileage white CS convertible to match my white 1996 CS 2 dr hard top. Retiring to South Carolina in a few years, this is a perfect car for there. White and a 1995. Wife hates anything older due to the seat belt design (she is very short) so my options are severely limited. And it looks like your drivers seat is in really nice shape to boot
  2. Thanks, I have a 1996, probably similar, I'll check it out
  3. What is the official name of this book? This was great information, can you post a picture of the front cover. I'm going to Hershey 10/11 and I'd like to see about picking one up. My back rear drivers side window leaks into the trunk and I'm needing to know the way to get the trim off so I can re-caulk the side & back window. thx
  4. You are spot on for the 22 on the other side, it won't work. I kept a very watchful eye on the sweep and the 22'' on the passengers side won't come into contact with the drivers side but that's the extent of it. Beside, now that I'm back home I'll work on grabbing a set per Rich_e777's note. No sense in tempting fate with the current oddball sizes on the car now.
  5. It's worth every dime, even if the shipping is more expensive. Put one of these on your CS and you will never go back. HUGE improvement in the ride!
  6. Just got back from putting about 1000 miles on my 1996 Cutlass, my only issue was my purchase of buying cheap RainX windshield wipers came back to haunt me. The passengers side blade just wouldn't stay put and kept popping off. In a pinch I used what I had, a 22 inch Michelin wiper, and although the manual calls for 20 inch on both sides, this 22 inch works so well I'm leaving it on. It j-u-s-t fits in the wiper well in the cowl (a drivers side 22" won't fit there) and I get the benefit of 1 inch more wipe on each side of the blade. So for now it's 20" drivers, 22" passengers side.
  7. All good advice, thanks. Maybe I'll put it one for say a long trip and then remove it once I get there. However, These things are a bit of a pain to install, just as well leave it in the box for the next swap meet & sell it.
  8. Excellent points both, and it would hide the Oldsmobile emblem as well
  9. Over the winter I bought an NOS in the box genuine Le Bra for my white 1996 Cutlass (2 door). I got it at such a good price I couldn't pass it up. Anyone out there think it's a bad Idea to install one of these things? It says it wicks away any moisture which is a plus, but who knows. I'm in the Northeast so built up humidity is an issue. I'm on the fence as to whether I'm going to install it. One plus is that out of all the paint on the car, the front bumper is the weakest and the Le Bra would hide that quite nicely. It would really freshen it up.
  10. WOW! When the time comes, post how you liked these or not, looks like one mean tire.
  11. I never seem to get that far with any of my tires. They age out on me and need to be replaced (for safety reasons)way before they ever wear out. That even goes for my snows I have on my truck, they are going on their 8th year (which I've decided will be the last) and they are nowhere near the wear marks. I went with those new Cooper CS-5 Ultra Touring tires, 215-60R-16, V rated. So far so good with these. I had 225's (Uniroyal Tiger Paw) initially but my brother badly needed a set for his 1994 CS and the 225's were a better fit for the 3.4 package which his car has. So he got those and I went with the Coopers mounted on my refurbished 5 spokes.
  12. If you ordered a rear strut bar from GOT2B GM, well done, I think you got his last one. You are going to love what this does. I have one of these in mine and I got his 2nd from last one for my brother who got my old 1994 CS from my Dad. Huge improvement and others look into the trunk they won't even know it's there. This piece, coupled with a front STB from the CS convertibles and a set of KYB's in all 4 corners really make one heck of a difference. All the better. I bought the new Coopers for the car as well. Right now the car is laid up until Spring, looking forward to Another year with this car.
  13. Also, as these wheels are TOO nice to be sitting out all winter, I've already pulled them and currently have my saw blade wheels with snow tires on the car. It's ready to go in bad weather if needed but I'd prefer to just leave it under the car cover until Spring. In other words, EMERGENCY USE only
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