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  1. bluecalais79

    1994 Cutlass Interior Swap Scenarios

    Thanks, it may be in the works that I part out my old 1994 if I get it from my brother, he doesn't seem to be happy with it . I'm looking at a 100,000 mile 1994 Convertible 3.4 with those rear buckets tomorrow. If I buy it, I'm taking a hard look at thoses rear seats as the rear seat set up in the coupe is MINT and would all match up nicely.. So I may just part out the Coupe. It's got 78,000 on it but it has suffered from 6 years of total neglect while my father owned it. But if this convertible isn't a sale, all bets are off. I see one rusted out Trailer Arm or smell something "gamely" in the cabin and its game off. The only thing the dealer knows about these cars is selling them.
  2. bluecalais79

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    That's what the sales reps were calling that motor back in 1994 when I bought this car new, it stuck with me all these years. I bought one of these IAC valves for my 3.1 as a back up. Lesson learned here for sure.
  3. bluecalais79

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    Thanks, he's on that. It's his baby now.
  4. bluecalais79

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    Just ordered one, NOS AC Delco, thanks, man. I don't think that was ever replaced. Long overdue.
  5. bluecalais79

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    Figured it out IAC. Idle Air Control Valve. I'm good with motors up to 1988, anything after that, not so much. Much Appreciated! I think this is the malady.
  6. Interesting question for all..........for 1994, the 3.4 package convertibles had the 2 bucket seats and the console in the back, the others got the bench seat. Is it possible to remove that entire bucket seat package and replace it with a rear bench seat set up from a non-convertible 1994 SL? Also, would those back bucket seat back and/or seat bottom cushions be able to be used to replace worn out front seats? thx.
  7. bluecalais79

    1994 DOHC 6 Racing and then sputtering

    My brother just picked up my old Teal 1994 Cutlass Supreme from my Dad who has had it since 2012. Already my brother has had an issue with the motor and I can tell he's not to happy about it. Specifically, when dead cold, upon starting it the motor races to over 4000 rpms like its going to explode and then within 3 or 4 seconds it falls way down and sputters and nearly stalls out/runs very rough and then races way back up to high RPMS, and keeps repeating this until it's fully warmed up and then it smooths out. But, he's advising it's starting to now do this all the time regardless of the temperature of the motor, and just overall runs rough. Does anyone out there have an idea what may be causing this? I will say my Dad hardly ever drove this car and it was always outside for the last 6 years. I'm speculating the car's fuel system has now been jostled by now being used everyday and the motor has a Fuel Pump/Fuel Filter/Injector issue(s). And the Service Engine Soon Light is occasionally going on as well Has anyone had this issue with the Quad 6 motors? Thanks.
  8. bluecalais79

    TGP Moving Sale

    Do you still have the front strut tower brace, thx
  9. bluecalais79

    1992-1997 Cutlass LH Spoiler Tail Light Lens

    Sure did, will try & get 'em on this site over the weekend. There were a lot of nice ones there, more than usual.
  10. bluecalais79

    Cutlass 5 Spoke Refinished Wheels

    Heck if anyone can do it I'd wager they can. I'm now thinking about having them refurbish a set of wheels I have for my 79 Hurst Olds. It takes real talent to get that job done right, especially the centers which are a true pain in the A** to get done correctly.
  11. I'm hoping no one gets ticked for me putting in a plug for a vendor and this memo will confirm I have NO financial interest in doing this, but I had to show the group a photo of one of a set of 4 of these wheels. I bought these refurbished wheels from Collision Wheel in Bath, PA. HOLY S**T they are nice! Correct silver sparkle with the milled edge. They look even better than the photo below shows, now I'm afraid they are so good they are going to make my car look like c rap. I'll take that chance though. I am 100% satisfied, as far as being correctly finished, these folks NAILED IT. I sat one next to one of the wheels currently on my car and now I don't even want to look at my existing rims anymore, bring on the swap!
  12. I just nailed down purchasing a set of completely re-furbished 5 spoke 16 inch wheels for my 96 Cutlass. These will go great with my NOS center caps! My existing wheels currently have 225-60-16 Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring ties. Great tires for what they are, But I'm wondering, can I get better handling and/or cornering if I go to a 55 series or even a 50 series tire on my new wheels? I'm not planning on even putting them on the car until next year, the car will be laid up for the winter soon. No foul weather driving planned for this car. I'm all for getting the best handling/cornering I can get out of the car to compensate somewhat for the turtle slow 3.1
  13. bluecalais79

    34 mm away bar

    Aye, thanks, I'll stick with what I have, that's way to much work and $$$ for this car.
  14. bluecalais79

    1992-1997 Cutlass LH Spoiler Tail Light Lens

    Man, I can hardly believe the time that has passed since my last Post on this topic. This year seemed to have a bumper crop of car shows, and then throw in a few vacations and here it is, October already. Anyway, I did find time to complete the lip spoiler project, j-u-s-t before taking the car out to the 2018 Olds Nationals in Gettysburg, PA. My wife and I lined up the 4 bolts that were attached to the spoiler to where they should go on the trunk lid. We placed on a bit of black Testors model paint to make a mark on the trunk to where the 4 holes needed to be drilled. Not very scientifically done, but good enough. I made the first indent using a punch and then to drill the proper size hole I used a Step Drill Bit being careful not to go past the correct size hole/step. The finished product lined up perfectly from side to side and came out nice and dead level, but my heart did sink a bit when I saw that the spoiler did mount up a slight bit low as compared to the location of the flared tail light tips. But there was no way I was about to drill 4 more holes into the trunk so it is what it is. I will say though, I looked at every Cutlass that had one of these spoilers at the Nationals, I think there was a total of about 10 or so of them. I noted that no 2 were exactly the same; some were mounted on the high side, some were on the low side, in fact there were 2 that were mounted even lower than mine. Really glad I went to the Nats this year, that made me feel better in that my spoiler is going to stay put. That task is done. For those of you looking to do this same project, one item of note is, have you ever heard of Flex Tape? The same company also makes Flex Seal, and it comes in white. Since my car is white, I used some of this Flex Seal between the 4 bolts and the trunk lid as a sealer (gasket). It sealed nicely and so far no leaks. I WILL be watching. I'll be posting photos of the finished project soon, hopefully before it snows, the way this year has been going. At any rate, a big THANK YOU to all that helped me out with parts and/or advice on getting this done, it's made the car look a lot sportier. It really did do a lot to change it's complexion from being a Granny Old (the prior owner by the way) to Classic Cool, or something like that.
  15. bluecalais79

    34 mm away bar

    Is this the rear bar & is it thicker than the FE-1 used on a 1996 Cutlass/would it fit on that car, thx