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  1. I prefer the door emblems too... I also violated my rule of keeping it bone stock, I added a few emblems to my convertible... they aren't really correct since there was never such a thing as an International Series convertible.. but I really like the emblems and thought it would add a nice touch to my car... I figure some may not like them and I'm generally not one to add badges, but I feel they fit the car nicely...
  2. I don't think an option like the Driver Information System would hurt the value.. might even help it.. and it's a factory correct option.. kind of like changing a cassette radio to a factory CD radio, it looks original even though not originally ordered when the car was built.. I'd like to add one to my car, but not sure if its plug and play simple? I know by 1994 the option was no longer offered and I believe I might need a unique housing since I have the HUD, and the HUD and DIS was like super rare in the years offered together?
  3. I am in need of these switches! both mine are shot.. I've already changed the bulbs to LED bulbs (changed all interior lights to LED) I'd love to get the switches ASAP!!
  4. ok, Now I feel like I'm officially part of the group.. finally got my Oldsmobile W-body!
  5. Here's my current Oldsmobile collection 1988 Cutlass Calais International Series (Quad 4 LD2) 1993 Ninety Eight Touring Sedan (3800 L67)
  6. well guys, I'm very close to finally getting myself a Cutlass Supreme convertible! I've narrowed it down to two finalists... by Monday, I should finally have a W-body!
  7. I'm in the Detroit area .. it would definitely be nice to have 5-speed convertible... hell right now I'd be happy with just about any Cutlass
  8. Thank you for the welcome! Though I really want a 5-speed Cutlass, I've warmed up to the idea of a Cutlass convertible too.. so odds are, I may very likely have a w-body before too long... I just test drove a 93 convertible the other day.. it has the LQ1 3.4, and it's not bad, and I really enjoyed the top down driving!
  9. Hello, yep, I'm another new guy, figured I'd introduce myself... I love Oldsmobiles and I am currently in search of a W Cutlass Supreme... I currently have a 1993 98 Touring Sedan and a 1988 Cutlass Calais International, and I really want a Cutlass Supreme coupe (or maybe a convertible) What I really want is a 90-92 Cutlass Supreme with a 5-speed... yes, I know it's a tough task, essentially hunting a unicorn with hens teeth! well, I've been lurking for a bit now, learning some things about these cars, and look forward to adding a W to my Oldsmobile fleet!
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