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  1. Don't know if You ever for them I would also like a set for My Jeff Gordon Monte, But I did find a set I think they we're a new set @ a GoodYear dealer in Cleveland Ohio, but to much Money for Me, also You can still get the tires in either B/s/w or w/s/w & You can get the yellow paint to do the job A guy @ our Discount tire store says it works but never tried it
  2. Sorry to tell You Gabs, But She now has a new home, Funny She did go to Ohio, Delivered Her today, so I'm Cutless
  3. Where do You live? I guess could send them ? You Can call See if we can find out how to do this thanks Mike # 765 298 8143 Anderson Indiana
  4. No She is still in the Garage, although was a nice day today So I took it out for a drive, & since it was out still in the drive, when My Wife wanted to go for Lunch, She kinda may a remark, But We drove He anyway I still love driving Her, My Vert I mean, My First Car before I had My Licences was a 1961 Olds Starfire Convertible sky blue / medium blue interior, 394/4bb at on the floor even had air & the wonder bar radio great old days I also guess You we're referring to My Blue Convertible,I sold the red on a while back, later Mike Hi haven't been on for a while I have since Sold the 93 International in fall of last year Get to see it every day sold it to this guys grandson He drove it a short while & grand dad ended up with anyway it still look as sharp as the day He bought it, as for My Baby Blue She finally found a home w/ an 81 year old Guy that loves Her as I did, But who know I may have Her back one day, Just sold another red/whit/white/ 95 w/80k had owned it 2 times first in 2014 had 68k, & bought it back last winter & it had 80k on it. out of the Cutlass Convertible's @ this time, still have the Jeff Gordon # 24 Monte Carlo #1340 of 2424
  5. Sorry was not finished with the add, & was Wife's time for Retired take Me out to Eat Lol! You Can also See it on Craigslist Indianapolis Indiana asking around $ 4,700.00 But Neg thanks, Have a Guy interested from Atlanta Ga. has a friend lives close to check it out for Him But haven't heard since Friday will put some more pictures thanks for Your interest
  6. Sorry Folks She has found a New Owner A Young Man that just couldn't wait to get Her Home " Sold "
  7. Would these be the items You are looking for they came out of a 96-7 i think Cutlass was dum not to buy the whole car
  8. Some New pictures of My 1994 Cloisonne Blue Metallic Don't know If this would Be Nice enough for Your 2018 Calendar, By the way If Your close to the Anderson Indiana area the Hoosier Park Racing & Casino is having the annual Car Show this Monday June 26, 2017 3-8 Most Cars start before Noon Free Free Free Entry, Hot dogs drinks, & door prizes Even Money Check out their web sight
  9. I'm not a new kid on the Block Been around cars all My life, Been selling & trading them for about 50 years, & the Point of My response, Was that a Fellow Member turned Me on to this sight, & said I should join it, So I did, Also He was interested in My rare Cloisonne Blue one & I told Him when He saw it, Just what it took to Be an owner of it, He said it would take about a month to get the rest of that, & called Me at that time & His response was that Kelly B/B said t was worth this much & again I told Him Just what it took to buy Mine, & That is where I'm coming from. I do not need any real help in the sale of My cars, as they have a Garage to set in & to drive any time for Me weather Permitting . & I have had just about every color combo in the Cutlass Convertibles be it 94/95, & My preference is the 94's, & everyone has his or Her opinion
  10. WoW ! &, Every body on this sight thinks My Red Vert is priced to high, Guess Kelly Blue Book only values Running Cars, a grand more Have a Running, Driving, & a nice set of wheels. If only this younger Generation of Car Enthusiast / Special Interest Cars Can't really go by what a Company that sell Literature as a Buyers Guide as to just what one is Really worth, In the world of the classic cars it's hard to say just what one is really worth to the Buyer, One comet made on My Cloisonne Blue one stated that Her just gave that much for his 12 years ago, I purchased a 1961 Olds Starfire Convertible nearly 50 years ago for $ 75.00 & a few years back was passing down I-40 w. out of Knoxville Tenn. when I saw the same Car as I Had for $ 39,000 , is it really worth that much, Maybe not to some, But to the right Person it's worth every penny spent on it. That My Friend is just what a classic car is worth.
  11. Sorry folks I have SOLD My 94 Lite Cloisonne Blue Metallic with Quad Bucket seats Whit Top & Interior She went to a great Home thanks for look-in
  12. If the Cutlass in Toledo, was priced at 9,grand, & w/92k, miles, My 94 is the correct color combo, & I think in very nice condition, w/just 105,k miles & He thinks I'm to high on my price, & guess He's just looking for an every day driver, I'm look-in for a real Cutlass buyer that is interested in it to take care of it, & show it Proudly at W-Body, or any other Car shows, So all-n-all I'm glad He is not the owner of My Correct Lite Cloisonne Blue Metallic W/ White Top & Factory Boot, Quad White Bucket Seats, 3.4 V-6, & it is still setting in My Garage Just waiting for Spring to go Diving W/ the top down & the wind in My hair
  13. Was told By IMP558 that I should list My Cutlass On threads, Hope I'm in the right Place, I purchased My Cloisonne Blue around 05 w/ 52k miles on Her She now has around 105k , & I think She is about one of the nicest Color combo out there, don't see many in this color combo, the only thing I think She is Missing is HUD, & Cass/cd was the two options She does not possess, My 1st triple white one was loaded, But still A sharp color, & The Thumps-up I get when She is out on the road with the Top Down, Just thought I would Share Her with the W-Body Forum
  14. You know where it is located, & the Garage it is in, Just waiting for You
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