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  1. stuhrling

    Scanner Help

    Wow! Thanks so much for all the response. This helps me out as to what I should be looking at. Sorry, about the term scanner I was just using it as a generic term. Best to All!
  2. stuhrling

    Scanner Help

    Can someone point me in the right direction on a scanner for of course gm vehicles. I am looking for one that will naturally scan for codes but also allow for some adjustments of things like changing when the (cooling fans turn on, reprogramming of radio, check abs transmission, bcm modules, etc.) Primarily for the years between 2000 & 2010. Any thoughts would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Can someone tell me if GM part numbers (10247084 and 10345905) are interchangeable? I seem to find conflicting information on this. Some places say that the latter will not fit and others say that the (10345905) superseded the (10247084) number. This is the upper strut motor mount on top of the engine. To be used on 2002 Olds Intrigue.
  4. My 02 Olds Intrigue a/c condenser sprang a leak today. All the refrigerant has now escaped. I need to replace the condenser. Does someone have any instructions on how to do this job for this car? Anything else I should know or need to replace while performing this job? Many, Many, Thanks for any help with this!
  5. stuhrling

    Oil Pressure

    Can Oil Pressure (PSI) be read through the OBD2 port on a 2002 Olds Intrigue? Appreciate any help!
  6. Well, I get interior lights if I turn the key to the on position. When I turn the key to the off position the lights time out as they should. But, when I open any of the doors no lights come on. Sometimes after the car has been sitting for a bit and I go and open the door the lights come on that ONE Time only. If I try to turn the lights on with the dimmer switch when the lights do not come on from opening the door they still do not turn on. I tried replacing the ignition switch as I keep a spare one on hand and still know difference.
  7. I have a few questions about some interior lighting (possible) issues on my 02 Intrigue. First, unfortunately I cannot remember when the light around the ignition key switch is illuminated or should be anyway. Mine illuminates when I press the keyless entry unlock and goes out when I start the engine and remains out even if the parking or headlights come on. It turns back on when I shut the engine off. Secondly, I cannot remember if the little red light(s) in the transmission selector in the console that show which gear you are in is supposed to be lit up all the time (i.e. anytime the engine is running) or if it only should be lit when the parking or headlights are turned on. Currently, it only lights up when the parking and headlights are turned on. Lastly, I am having and intermittent problem with all the interior lights. Sometimes when I press the keyless unlock button to enter the vehicle or turn the engine off to exit the vehicle the interior lights do not come on at all but other times they do. All other functions on the vehicle seem to work fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  8. How do you remove the lens cover (interior) over top the rear doors on an intrigue safely? Not sure where to pry on side of cover to remove it or even for sure if this is the proper way to access the burned out bulb. Anyone know the proper bulb number as well. Some things I have seen say 212-2 others say 194. Appreciate Your Thoughts!
  9. My neighbor has a 96 Olds Cutlass Supreme that has the usual leaking intake manifold gaskets problem. He was looking up replacement gaskets for this engine but found that there is a 1st design and a 2nd design for this. He cannot discern which is the proper version. Is there a way to tell this before pulling everything apart? Appreciate your insight!
  10. Hi All, Thanks so much for your responses. I am sorry that I forgot to state what model car and engine I was speaking of in my question. One of those 3:00am senior moments! The vehicle is an 02 Olds intrigue 3.5L. I am going to be installing a trans cooler on this vehicle and wanted to get things down right before I jumped on it. wstefan20 This is exactly what I am looking for! I appreciate the diagram as it is very helpful as is the heads up on the check ball. See, good thing I waited and checked things out with those in the know before diving in! Proud TransCelestialsexual This looks like a serious cooler. Something like this just might work! Any suggestions, or additional things I might need to know before attempting this please let me know!
  11. On the radiator side of the transmission cooler lines which one is the supply line and which one is the return line (i.e. upper and lower)? Thanks!
  12. Are these just remove from the twist socket and replace? Or are the original bulbs soldered into the socket(s)? Thanks!
  13. Are there any #194 twist sockets and #PC74 twist sockets that can be purchased to fit the intrigue gauge panel. I want to convert over to LED's and would like to find the correct sockets to fit the LED bulbs before tearing it all apart. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. stuhrling


    I want to make a backup PCM for a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue. If I were to purchase a used one would it be possible to have it flashed with the current VIN so as to make it like the original that is currently in the vehicle (Plug & Play)? Would it still have to go through the relearning process for the crank sensor or any of the other security measures? Thanks!
  15. stuhrling

    RPO Codes

    I am looking for the RPO codes that indicate the interior seat colors for my 02 Intrigue. I found the codes sticker on the inside of the trunk lid but need to know which code(s) indicate the interior seat colors. Guidance would be appreciated!
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