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  1. And how/where did you run the wires?
  2. Looking to find out how others have mounted a backup camera on their cars. Also, how you got the wiring into the trunk. Just installed a new screen in my 95 Cutlass that will support a backup camera, but I can't figure out how I want to mount it. Thanks.
  3. So I went with the ASWC because I was familiar with it. I works, but I couldn't get it to work the climate controls. Even calling Metra we tried to manually program it and it just wouldn't work. The support guy thought it must be that my buttons are getting old and the resistance it is sending into the unit is not consistent. I don't blow of I believe that, but instead I now have a source button where the temp up is, a mute where the temp down is, and seek up and down instead of fan speed up and down. Just by dumb luck, but it works for me.
  4. I could have but I elected not to since they were about different topics. Allows the next guy to find answers quicker since the title of the topic is specific. Thanks for the information. I had heard that the PAC-SWI had some kind of issues with our cars, that is why I asked the question.
  5. 95 Cutlass Convertible. Putting in New head unit and want to keep steering wheel controls. Which adapter is better? Does it matter?
  6. I have a 95 Cutlass Convertible and am trying to figure out where to mount the antenna for Sirius satellite radio. It is a magnet so I am struggling to find a good spot on metal. Ideas? Anyone installed one?
  7. Okay. Easy breeze once I pulled the rear seat bottom. So the panel is off, now how do I get the grills off to get the speakers out. WTF?
  8. I have got a 95 Cutlass Convertible and am looking to upgrade the speakers. The doors seem fairly straightforward, but I cannot figure out how to get at the rear speakers. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  9. Just a 15/32 vacuum (PCV) hose from AutoZone. Needed about 1.5 feet.
  10. Problem solved. The vacuum hose from the intake manifold to the booster was shot. Collapsing under vacuum. $3 and On how have excellent brakes. What a relief.
  11. How would I test the ABS? I have tried locking the tires up on a sandy road and the ABS never kicked in (nor did the tires ever start sliding).
  12. Yeah, I think I am just going to go for a new booster when I am am doing the intake gasket (I have heard it is way easier at this time). I can't find anything else wrong and while the booster passes the simple tests, who knows, maybe it is "kinda" bad.
  13. Anyone found a copy of the supplement for the 95 verts? I got the regular manual with my car, but not the supplement.
  14. Yes, I have the Steering Wheel Controls and don't want to lose them. I read somewhere that the steering wheel controls for the climate control is tied in with the audio controls and won't work after the swap, is this true? Any secret to getting at the door or rear panel speakers? Do the panels have to be removed to get to them or do the grills come off somehow? I am thinking about 5.25 components up front (easy swap, right?) and new 6.5 coaxs in back.
  15. We have verified that all the pins are sliding just fine. I have done the basic tests on the booster (hold foot on pedal under moderate pressure and the pedal DOES fall towards the floor and then shut car off, wait one minute and push pedal repeated times and it DOES get harder each time and you hear the atmospheric valve relieving pressure when you press down). So the tests tell me the booster is okay (maybe okay is the key word, not great, just okay?). The car stops straight, doesn't pull to one side and all four rotors get hot when braking so it appears the brakes themselves are okay, I just don't have any real stopping power. The biggest thing is that the pedal just doesn't feel right to me, which makes me suspect the booster (even though it passes the basic tests).Totally confused.
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