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  1. Further education on the topic: I understand how you'd not be informed of this issue, as I thought I was the last person on earth who was clinging desperately to his pushrod-powered GM vehicles well past the time the rest of the world moved onto OHC engines with DI. I didn't really hear of this issue myself until after I purchased 2 GDI powered vehicles. Like I mentioned in my video, when the weather turns warm up here in the frozen tundra, I will be pulling my upper intake and running a scope down the intake ports to see how bad the carbon buildup is. I hope I won't need to resort to walnut shell blasting, so I will try my damnest to clean the deposits out with a brush set and a thorough soaking of B12 Chemtool.
  2. Do a Google search for carbon buildup on GDI engines. Also lookup "Alloytec Carbon Buildup." BMW, VW, Ford, Toyota, GM, and Mopar, have all experienced carbon buildup on their early direct injection engines (Ecoboosts and Pentastars are the worst offenders.) The LFX in my car isn't as notorious as the older LLT's in the Camaro and Traverse were for carbon buildup, but search any Camaro forum and there are pages upon pages of boroscopic proof of the GDI carbon buildup on the V6's. As much as I despise Toyota, they came up with the best solution with their GDI engines. They started putting port injectors in their GDI engines to wash the deposits off of the intake valves. Your old pushrod, port-injected GM V6 will never have this problem, nor have any need for a catch can...
  3. My next thought is to buy another radio like this, procure a PAC LAN29ON module and try installing it in my 04 Impala. Would be interesting to see if the LAN29 of the radio would communicate with the Class 2 bus in the 04...
  4. Made the connections to the OnStar box today! This really is a cool radio, especially being that it's plug-n-play.
  5. Waiting on a reverse wiring harness to harvest the pins from. Found a PDF online of a '13 Traverse owners manual. Turns out there's another menu you can access when the radio is set to FM, and contained within there's an option to switch HD radio on or off. Well wouldn't you know it, my radio had that menu option. Switched it on and hot damn, I have HD radio!!
  6. It's definitely condensation. The coolant level is spot-on and the oil is nice and coolant-free. No yogurt on the bottom of the 710 cap either! Knock on wood, but damn, it would be a hellacious nightmare if a headgasket were to pop on that 3.6!
  7. 'Sup, man! It has been a while. I feel I need to post up a reintroduction!!
  8. Installed an oil catch can on my 2012 Impala 3.6 LFX. How so, you ask? Hit up the YouTubes to find out: Did it have any effect? To the YouTubes to find out! Any questions, feel free to ask away!
  9. Like the title says, I took a gamble on a $40 MyLink radio and installed it into my 2012 Impala. Intro Video: Follow-up detailing the USB port and Backup Camera installation: A 3rd video will be forthcoming, detailing how to connect to the OnStar box to enable voice commands. Any questions? Ask away!
  10. Good info, man. BTW, somebody make this post a sticky!
  11. I put KYB GR-2's on my old 95 Regal, and the "grandpa" springs (FE1 suspension) didn't mesh well with the hella-stiff KYB's. The suspension would recoil violently if you took a corner or on-ramp extra fast. I would say don't bother with KYB's unless your car has FE3 or aftermarket springs...
  12. Some questions for ya: -How straightforward was the swap? -What swap parts did you buy, and where did you buy them from? -Did you keep the 3500 UIM? If so, what throttle body did you use? -Did you have your PCM reflashed? If so, by whom?
  13. Check this page out:
  14. DiscoStudd

    Lx9 swap

    Good luck, man! Be sure to take lots of pics and post up your progress!!!
  15. Fuel pump could be on its way out. GM fuel pumps are notorious for crapping out right around 200k. Sadly, you have to drop the gas tank to replace it. It's not too difficult, as long as the tank is at or near empty!!
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