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Buick Regal GS
By '93RegalGS3800, 08/16/2015
  • Color Bright White/Gunmetal Grey Metallic
  • Price --
  • Year 1993
  • Odometer 190000
  • Odometer Unit Miles
  • Description A shadow of her once former self, Miss Phantom has proven herself time and time again as a resilient automobile. Time has taken it's tole on her physical appearance as she has moved between 3 states over the past 23 years and has suffered some minor bumps and bruises. She spent her early years in Arizona with my late uncle and aunt running the bumpy gravel mountain roads. During this time the odometer went out and it's estimated the car went for possibly 30K miles like that. During her time with them she was stolen and taken on a joyride by some lowly car thief. Luckily she was recovered and continued to provide them service until they gave my Dad the car in the summer of 1999. I remember my first reaction to the car and thinking how it has as much buttons as a 747 jetliner. The longer we had her the more she grew on me.

    After coming to Florida that summer Miss Phantom would go on to service my late Grandmother as her primary means of transportation. I can't imagine what that car meant to her in her last 3 years of life. She would use it as your typical grocery getter and for trips to the hospital. I remember a few times when she drove the car. One of them was a trip to the bank.

    When my Grandmother died of cancer in October '02 my Dad took the car and used it full time as a back and fourth commuter car. This is where most of her mileage came from. I remember coming home from school and my Dad pointing out that the odometer finally rolled 100K miles. It may have been a big milestone at the time but I kinda now wish the car was treated more as a weekend show car than a full time daily driver. Over those years there were a few issues but Miss Phantom always seemed to pull through them. She would not let us down. She finally stopped being driven all the time in about '07-'08 when my Dad bought a different vehicle. She was finally parked in '09.

    It wasn't until '12 when I started to take notice of Miss Phantoms decaying condition. The paint started flaking off at the end of my Freshman year of HS and now she wears colors of rust red, Primer Grey, bright white, and Gunmetal metallic. One of the first things addressed was the rats nest that was built under the hood. 6 inches of wiring harness was eaten away and had to be repaired. We tried to get a new harness from a GM parts site but they sent us the wrong one. I decided to sacrifice the V6 Camaro I had to donate wire to fix the damage. We used logical colors to link between the ends of the original colors on the wires. (On a side note this is where my dislike for computer control vehicular systems came from.) Somehow my Dad and I spliced everything together properly and Miss Phantom started up and ran like she always did.

    Between then and now she has been driven sporadically. My brother drove her for a little bit when he was looking for a car. The April Flood came through on the night of the 29th and the floorboards got wet and the carpet was saturated. This is when I ripped the interior out. I was able to get everything dried out and put back in place like it never even happened. This was the most interesting bonding experience I had with the car. I got to know how she came apart in preparation for the restoration I wanna do. During this time I ended up joining the forum when I was looking for information on how to remove the center console.

    Now I'm driving her daily and look forward to blaze the path to having her restored. A car like this with this much history needs to be preserved.

    Engine: L27 3800 V6 (Series 1),
    Cylinder bank: 90*,
    Cam in block engine architecture,
    Computer controlled Tune Port Injection,
    Iron Engine Block & Cylinder Heads.

    Transmission: TH 4T60-E,
    3 main gears with a 4th overdrive gear,
    Computer controlled shift solenoids for higher optimization of gear changes,
    3.06 Final Drive,
    Front Wheel Drive.

    4 wheel Disc Brakes with ABS,
    16in GS alloy wheels,
    FE3 Sport Suspension,
    McPherson front suspension,
    Corvette inspired rear monoleaf suspension.

    Primary Color: Bright White,
    Secondary Color: Gunmetal Grey Metallic,
    GS body cladding with chrome trim,
    Silver GS badging,
    Chrome Grille with Black Fins,

    Color: Grey,
    Bucket Front Seats,
    Center Console with floor shift,
    Sport 3 spoke steering wheel,
    Cloth interior with herring bone texture,
    AM/FM radio with factory stereo equalizer,
    8 point speakers,
    Rear defrost delete,
    Electric locks & windows,
    Remote entry,
    Drivers electric seat,


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