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    smoke from steering column

    I'm posting for a friend who has 1993 Grand Prix with 120,000 miles on it. Recently it started smoking from the steering column. Not a lot but noticable. It does this for a few minutes then stops. Any ideas what it could be. Has anyone else heard of this. ing

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    Turn signal switch needs replaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 95 vert View Post
    Turn signal switch needs replaced.
    x2. His turn signals probably don't work, at least not without some help by pulling back on the lever.
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    yep, TSS. if it hasnt failed yet, its only a matter of time.
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    I had smoke coming up from my steering wheel (cutlass supreme 1992) for YEARS. And yes, turn signal lever had to be moved back by hand.
    The turn signal switch has been replaced a while more smoke. Hmmm....i never connected this.

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    My 91 GTP does this when I use the left turn signal......the trick in mine is when I click it to turn the left signal ever so slightly tap it in an upper motion and the signal will stay on as long as you need it to without holding it. (that could be different tho with different cars)

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    Assuming the turn signal parts aren't damaged severely, you can dissassemble the switch itself on the steering wheel, use a combination of rubbing alcohol, q-tips, and a pencil eraser head to clean up the contacts, and then lube the whole assembly up with silicone dielectric grease, reassemble, and the smoking should stop. Also the spring that holds it together usually needs to be slighthly elongated to restore original performance and overall assembly tightness.

    I did this on my CS to get it through inspection, and it worked great. Dielectric silicone grease is awesome stuff and should be part of everyone's kit for repairing/maintining these vehicles.
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    My 92 smoked from the column every now and then... still does, if I use the hazards. LOL.

    I've never replaced the turn signal switch, and my blinks still work... ish. Have to hold the stalk just right.

    Don't worry about it too much. It's not like the car is going to catch fire and go splodey over it. Those square steering columns have issues.
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    Yeah, my 92 Vert only smoked once, but I still gotta hold the switch in the right position to get the turn signals to work.

    And Ken had removed and cleaned this one. Its just too far gone IMHO for that to work. Sometimes its time for a new one.
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    w-body com

    where cars interior parts smoking is normal.
    We bake head lights and tail lights in the oven to clear them/re seal them
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