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    how to adjust the "adjustable" vacum modulator valve.

    it came from advance...i had to help the parts guy find it in the computer. the other parts "professional" had never seen one before either. the "destructions" only listed what parts of the plunger to remove for the vehicle application. I understand the basic concept. the adjustment screw does not "bottom" out. it turns 2 full turns then "clicks" as if it sits on a spring.. im not sure which way is for firmness and which way is for softness. moving the set screw in all the way in till right before it clicks is soft, or all the way "out" for full firmness. suggestions?

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    Turn it until it feels good for you. Really no standard, across the board setting.
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    All the way in is firm, all the way out is soft. Every one I've ever put in I went all the way in and called it good.
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    ideally, i would start out near the full firm position, then adjust outwards until you get to what you like.

    i wouldn't go so far as to not feel the shifts though, you'll wear out the clutches REALLY quickly that way IIRC.
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    I had an adjustable one in my 95 CS. I think I had it one turn from the mid point, and the shifts were nice a firm, like a good shift kit.

    However, every trans is gonna act slightly different. I would start in the mid position and go from there.
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    Mine was screwed out and caused hard shift from 1-2. But what was worse was when I would stab it off the line, the trans would slip, then, grab. Turned the screw in and found a good spot.

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