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    07 GP GXP: "charging system failure" message??

    Was pulling out of my driveway when this error flashed on my DIC screen. I have driven the car all day today without issue, so this caught me by complete surprise.

    I parked it and checked the following:

    -Alternator seems to be spinning and belts look ok visually.
    -DIC shows 14.06 volts when running and 12.34 when car is in "ignition ON" mode
    -Ran my code scanner, and no codes were found

    Based on some Google-fu, this is starting to sound like a case of what has been called "belt slippage". I'm planning on swinging by the dealer tomorrow for a quick check, since it's under warranty. But, any advice/ideas?
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    Ive had that msg appear in both my 05 and 04 with nothing happening since. Drove my 05 5000-10000 miles more after with no probs, I think it just flukes sometimes, or like you said, belt slippage
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    Same thing happened to my sister's 06 GP back over the winter. Came on for 15 seconds max, then went off. Haven't seen it since. I think it is just a fluke.

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    Used to get this in my aurora when it was really cold out. Never did anything, just a random occurrence. Since it's under warranty feel free to have it checked out but it's probably nothing.
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    iit is the belt slipping. i have seen it happen. Nothing to worry about.
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