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    P1811 Code 4T65E Transmission Question

    Is the p1811 code which causes intermittent rough shifting capable of damaging the transmission? Will it only get worse? My '01 Century occaisonally has this happen. Sometimes it will not act up for 2 weeks, sometimes once every few days. I've had my transmission fluid changed and the filter changed recently to see if this would help, but it hasn't. From what i've read, the pressure control solenoid needs to be changed and it's expensive and labor intensive. Any others been through this? What's a fair price top pay for this job? I hate to spend a lot of money, as the Century is my beater car. Especially since the computer resets when I turn the car off. Input please.

    Also, I've read that the Transgo shift kit is supposed to help this? Any truth to this? How much for a shift kit install?
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    Re: P1811 Code 4T65E Transmission Question

    I'd just replace the solenoid. It CAN eventually cause long term issues. Clutches don't really like slamming home.......I stress the word "can" though. Not always.

    PC solenoids pay 4.6hrs per Nodata (er...Alldata), and either 4.6 or 5.9 depending on how you read my Motors labor time guide (these things can read really stupidly sometimes).

    Either way, also expect to pay for the solenoid (like $60 customer pay last time I looked), a side cover gasket (which are not that cheap) and 2-4 qts of ATF.

    It's not the cheapest, and you CAN get by for a while, but I WOULD do the repair soonish.
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