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    Location of ECM Fuse

    I have a 1993 Grand Prix with a 3.4L engine and my check engine light comes on. I checked the codes and get #35 and #43. The engine was rebuilt on the car 3 years ago but it has only been driven 1K miles since. I know that the idle air control sensor was replaced but the engine was not running correctly so it was not able to be set. Now I see that to set this I need to pull the ECM fuse, but there are fuses on both the drivers and passenger side and the covers that the labels are on have been painted over so I can't figure out which fuse it is.

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    Re: Location of ECM Fuse

    ECM fuse is on the driver side strut tower. I think it has the fuel pump relay, and the ECM fuse is right beside it. Under a little black plastic cap beside the aux. battery terminal
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    Re: Location of ECM Fuse

    jeff is incorrect!!!!! that box is not present on 92+ cars, and the fuse is for the fuel pump, not the ecm.

    Unhook your battery. it would do the same thing. leave it unhooked for a minute.

    once it is hooked up, turn the key to run, but do not start. the iac should adjust it self.

    now go through an idle learn procedure, do not give it gas, but start the car. if it dies restart it. this could take two or three tries. then place it in drive, while holding it witht eh brake. run the car till warm and hopefully it would be ok.

    check for codes now and report back.

    meanwhile, get some new box covers that aren't painted over!!! yopu must grab them from a same year car.


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    Re: Location of ECM Fuse

    1993 ECM fuse is located in the fuse block that is inside the glovebox.

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