Okay, I've had a pair of cheap aftermarket 6x9's in my rear deck for the longest time in my '90 GP, but its been wired the wrong way all this time, and I think thats what's causing the protection circuit in my HU to kick in at higher volumes.

Basically, I want to find one of the pair of wires that lead to the rear 6x9's, and splice it with the HU rather than running a new pair of wires back there. I just wanted to know what it was before I start hacking and splicing into the factory harness.

I have read, and searched, and read and searched to no avail. All I know is, the wires going from the HU go to the factory amp, which splits the signal into a high and low, which then goes to either voice coil of the stock Delcos. There were also configs which the split was at a crossover after the amp, but I don't think thats the config in my car.