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    rims for a lumina

    hey whats is the biggest size rims i can put on a lumina is it 18 or 17 if any one knows please let me know

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    rims for a lumina

    I wouldn't see why either a 17 or an 18 wouldn't fit just get the overall height of the rim plus the tire as close to the original size.. There's a formula for how to calculate it but I have no idea what it is.. I know I almost got 17's and it called for getting a 225 or 215 55 17. instead of 225 or 215 60 16..

    I do know that the farthest I would go on width of the rim is 8 inches.. I've got 16 X 8's on my car and they fit under perfectly, I think if it was any wider it would hit something or stick out.. Hope that helps a bit the bolt pattern on them is 115 X 5 last time I checked.. If you need to get tires I'd recommend the Bridgestone Potenza's at Awesome tires, my brother got the RE910 and I got the RE950's both are worth the money..

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    rims for a lumina

    I have seen pics of Luminas and monte carlos with 20" rims on. so you should have no porblem fitting 17's or 18's.


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    rims for a lumina

    You could roll 20"s if you really wanted to.
    Just size the tire correctly, and get an offset as close to stock as possible.
    An 18x8 with +38mm offset and 245/40R18 tire will definitely work.
    245/45R18 tire is closer to stock, but I'm not sure if it'll rub or not.

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    rims for a lumina

    these are the ones i want....they weigh 22 lbs are 18x7's are 150$ each and tires are 245/40/zr18 and i can get nitto for 140$ each

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    rims for a lumina

    NO DON"T GET ENKEI!!!!! I had a set of 17 inch enkei CDR9's and i had nothing but problems with them flaking and chipping, and if you knew me i am a freak about my car and rims. They look great but the quality blows!! I had to go get a set if 17 inch Alba "Inertias" CHROME with a 3 year warranty. OH they are for sale. WITH RECIEPTS AND TIRES, Nitto 555's 235/45/17 AWSOME TIRES! Jay
    The guys at DISCOUNT TIRE told me that 18's will fit snug. and 19's and 20's would rub, because of the tire size. When they get that big the side wall gets smaller and the width gets wider.

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    rims for a lumina

    I've got 18x8.5 on my lumina and it rubs a little when you turn all the way the lock so I wouldn't go any wider than 8.5 on your 18's

    <br />now lowered, stripeless, and other stuff, new pic comin someday

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