Check this out...I replaced the passenger side rear view mirror (the previous one was tore off in a backup mishap from the previous owner). I plugged in the power control plug and when I started up the engine to try adjusting the mirror with the power control, it worked for a few seconds and then stopped. I tried the driver side mirror, no longer works. There was a buzzing sound over the car speakers plus I noticed the seat belt icon in the panel was flickering. Then, I discovered that the power antenna would not go down when powered off. And to top it off, the power locks do not work when the interior swithches are pushed.

The keyless entry partially works. It does not lock the doors but will unlock only the driver door and the trunk.

Obviously an electrical problem. Are there any other fuses besides the ones in the glove box? They all checked out. (Checked the fuses under the hood but that's all engine related).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Well, despite my checking of the fuses the first time around, I checked them again (with the details from the car's manual). Spotting the items listed in the manual for one particular fuse, I pulled that one and wouldn't you know it, the fuse clearly blown. <Duh> on my part!!! Dropped a new 10 in the slot and the locks and antenna work again. One drawback, the after market mirror I purchased obviously has a problem with the wiring so I'm keeping that thing unplugged until I have time to check it out.