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    Loud clunking noise when turning

    This problem has been around for a while now, but lately I've noticed that it's becoming worse-sounding and happening more often. Whenever I make a sharp turn in either direction, when all the weight goes to the side of the car, it makes one really loud clunk and i can feel it in the steering wheel and on the floorboards. It makes whether i'm turning left or right and it sounds pretty bad. Also happens when I pull into driveways on an incline or taking turns over speedbumps, etc.

    I have heard a bunch of suggestions from strut bearing to struts themselves....can anyone help me pinpoint?
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    Re: Loud clunking noise when turning

    It could be many things causing this. Although it sounds like what happened to me, and ended up being the strut bearings, thats not always the case and could be different for you. It could also be the strut leaking fluid ( would be noticeable ) could be a loose strut retaining nut. Liek I said it could be a many things, best thing to do is to just start trying to eliminate what it could be by checking everything ( makine sure they are tight, not worn out etc etc )

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    Re: Loud clunking noise when turning

    intermediate shaft in your steering column? maybe the coupling needs greased

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    Re: Loud clunking noise when turning

    Cradle bolts. I don't know if your year was affected though.
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    Re: Loud clunking noise when turning

    I had this happen and the retaining nut on the bottom of the strut cartrage was'd need to rent the tool at autozone to fix it (I just kept my strut tool, i've used it enough)
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