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    Do your power windows stop working from time to time?

    '94 Z34 power windows are intermittent.
    I found a wiring weak spot last weekend in my '94 Lumina that might also apply to some of the other W's out there so I thought I'd share what I found. The wiring harness from the drivers door where it enters the body (interior side just above kick panel) turns down and rubs against an unprotected sheet metal edge. The factory didn't bother to wrap some of that plastic tubing around the wires in that area. After 160k miles of vibration it finally wore through. The window circuit breaker would get fire hot with the key on. Amazing it didn't start a fire. I fixed it by slipping a 3" piece of vacuum tubing slit lengthwise over the metal edge (passenger side too), but you could also wrap the wire. Windows work great ALL the time now!

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    Re: Do your power windows stop working from time to time?

    We had the same problem with our van (95 Lumina APV) but it was just a ground wire IIRC.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Re: Do your power windows stop working from time to time?


    I know in the '98 Monte Carlo i had (had it shortly, but i loved that damn thing) one if the windows wouldn't go up sometimes. I think it was the driver door.
    Also the '96 GP i've had for about a month has done it a couple times.
    I found out, as long as i don't roll the window ALL the way down (the only problem i had was the window didn't wanna go back up) then it would come back up. Like, right where the little rubber piece is on your door panel that your window slides along, keep it right up against that, maybe even a couple mm's below it, just not all the way down, and haven't had a problem since i've been doing it
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    Re: Do your power windows stop working from time to time?

    omg i had the same prob with one of my customers cars, couldnt find the prob, but the relay was getting a positive on one end and a negative from the other end (supposed to be positive.) i ended up running all new wiring because i couldnt fix the prob. wish i knew that one then. the car was a 91 buick regal. pink wire was touching ground somewhere in the car.

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