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    89 Mclaren turbo grand prix for sale price lowered !!!!!!!

    89 Mclaren turbo grand prix 3.1 ohv multi port fuel injected turbocharged 60 degree v6 sae net 205 horsepower torque @ 225 ib -ft toque 8:8:1 compression ratio 89 mm bore x 84 mm stroke those are the motor specs thought you intrested people would like to know about what i am selling the color of the car is red the clear coat on some spots are comming off to make car mint i would suggest a nice paint job but looks fairly good like this the tires are brand new has new brakes , struts , battery have all receipts for car the inside is good has nice dash with no cracks does need a latch for the glove compartment seats are leather can be used like this or you could dress it up with some seat covers there condition is normal wear for 16 years old both door latches need to be replaced but you can open doors just a little trick until it gets fixed they only made 2000 of these cars in 89 this is a rare car to own has every option avalable interior quad bucket seats 12 way power articulating front seats power adjustable drivers and passengers seat turbo specific instrumentation turbo boost gauge , water temp, oil pressure , 120 mph speedometer , tachometer , turbo intercooled insignia , heads up display ,sliding sun roof ,radio controls on steering wheel , computer console tells you how many miles you can go until you need gas ,when you need to change your oil , compass reading these are just a few to name that this car comes with for more info please email me or call me anytime 603 -326-3241 ask for Marc$3,500 cash ....also intresting trades newer snowmachines + cash what do you have ?this car is in Berlin newhamphire can be seen anytime inspected till 2007 car has 125,000 miles .. thank you for your time ...........

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    Re: 89 Mclaren turbo grand prix for sale

    Northern New Hampshire

    How far north.

    Also, if your going to put a phone number, area code might help.

    (603) for those that dont know (if it is, in fact, a new hampshire number)

    edit: jesus, berlin, your way up there
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    Re: 89 Mclaren turbo grand prix for sale

    prob the best thing to tell you is go on yahoo maps or to find out how far berlin newhampshire is from you ... yes area code prob would help people thank you ....... if you have questions please contact me thank you ....................Marc

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    Re: 89 Mclaren turbo grand prix for sale

    I just deleted about 10 worthless posts from this thread. Please keep it on topic and if you don't like the price don't buy it. Please follow the rules and do not post complaining about the price or anything of the sort.

    Thanks and free bump for the seller.
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    Re: 89 Mclaren turbo grand prix for sale

    what does free bump mean ????

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    Re: 89 Mclaren turbo grand prix for sale

    bumping this thread to the new posts list, so people see that it has activity, thereby attracting others to read it.
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    Re: 89 Mclaren turbo grand prix for sale

    ohh thanx i dont know all this lingo ..........

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