sorry for the long time since my last post, haven't had a chance to work on it lately.
Work+College+Girlfriend = not much time
Got a set of injectors for cheap off ebay, with the new windings, so I'm going to put those in when it warms up. I'm also have a used coil pack that I know works that I'm going to put on as well. I also found out my fuel tank leaks :shock: . This car sat for 5-7 Years prior to me owning it so could the fuel pump have just went to hell? Either way I'm going to put in a different tank and pump, so after all thats done we'll seen if it still doesn't run right.
Dark Ride wrote:

Edit: There is definetly pressure at the Fuel Rail

did you actually put a guage on it, or just the basic fuel comes out of the valve test?
I didn't put a gauge on it but I did get blasted with fuel when I hit the valve at the fuel rail.