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    HUD Dimmer switch repair

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with repairing the 89-93 GP HUD dimmer switch.

    The problem: When it gets warm outside (~70 an hotter), the HUD starts dimming out until you can't see it anymore, and won't come back on until its nighttime and cooled down. My guess is that the contacts or something expand and lose contact inside.

    Has anyone else had this problem? How did you resolve it? I have a (assumingly) good condition dimmer from the GTP, which has the adjustment slider intact. Is there a way to swap them without having to swap the tray and cable, which appear to be attached? i really don't want to take my whole dash apart. In any case, I need to service the HUD dimmer switch to correct the problem.

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    HUD Dimmer switch repair

    I had a similar problem with my CS, not that I've installed the hud yet but just testing it was tough since the dimmer was so sensitive. Not sure how the GP version is but I completely disassembled the little resistor pot thing and cleaned and slightly bent the contacts. Lubed everything up with dielectric and it works flawlessly now. Hopefully the GP dimmer is as easy to disassemble, it's pretty easy after that.

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    HUD Dimmer switch repair

    You can swap just the dimmer switch itself w.out removing the cable, but you'll need the small security torx screwdriver to open up the dimmer switch. Its not that hard to take your dash pad off and switch the whole dimmer/cable/slider assembly.
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    HUD Dimmer switch repair

    or you can contact gearhead43 and talk to him.
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