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    are paper plenum gaskets reuseable?

    i put the plenum on my 3.1 yesterday but while i was finishing up the car this afternoon i realized i forgot to put the hard plastic MAP sensor vacuum line in place i tried to 'fish' it through but had no luck.

    can i pull the plenum off and reuse the gaskets or should i just buy new ones?

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    are paper plenum gaskets reuseable?

    i've reused the upper intake gasket for the dohc before, its the same material as the 3.1 ones, so i see no problem, as long as its not old at all i see no problem.
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    are paper plenum gaskets reuseable?

    yeah they were brand new yesterday. the plenum will be seeing ~10psi though....

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    are paper plenum gaskets reuseable?

    it should be ok...for good measure i would use like an RTV high temp silicone gasket maker/right stuff to make sure its sealed...
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    are paper plenum gaskets reuseable?

    NOOOooo! do not use RTV!!!!!!!!!!
    if you put too much on it and it squezes out into a blob the rtv may fall off and get sucked through the engine! I never use RTV on gaskets on the intake or exhaust side of turbocharged vehicles!
    the most i use (esp with new gaskets) is a little bit of AGS Sillglide (silicone grease) it soaks into the paper gaskets and will keep them from sticking to the parts I have reused some of those plenum gaskets about 3-4 times before i will usually replace them (some people only want to replace a single injector on the 3.1/2.8 when it is rec to replace them all, i plan ahead and when they come in because of another inj failing i can reuse the gaskets no problem)

    i would only use RTV on gaskets where the engine wont suck it in...and i use a thin skin on W/P thermostats etc...fer the same reason the blobs of silicone will break off and clog cooling tubes in the radiator or heater core.
    i have seen this all to often!
    just grease them with the silicone lube or just leave them as is...the clampload of the upper plenum bolts is more than enough to hold them in place at 10-20psi...

    remember the chrysler turbo's use paper gaskets and there are plenty of people with 14-20psi on them with no silicone or exotic gasket material.....
    that reminds me now that it's summer i can turn the Lebaron GTS back up to 13 psi.... need to throw those aux injectors and hobbs switches in her too...theyve been sitting in the toolbox fer too long... 18 psi here i come!

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    are paper plenum gaskets reuseable?

    cool, i'm going to just reuse them and double check for vacuum leaks after i get 'er started up (should be tomarrow).

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    are paper plenum gaskets reuseable?

    Yay, finally get the turbo cutlass goin againb
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