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    RKE box comparisons

    Okay guys.. Couldnt find what I needed to know by searching..

    I have a RKE box from a 92-4 Grand AM GT.. Now, anyone whose driven an NBody of the 92+ variety knows that the trunk is popped by pulling a lever that in turn disengages the trunk lock.. Opening it up.. But what I would like to know, is whether the programming is in the RKE unit for trunk release.. I THINK it would be becasue it would cost GM too much to program the boxes according to each car line's specs.. So, this also leads into a pinout request of the wiring for the WBody keyless entry.. I need to know what each one does, what pin it is at, and so on.. So I can compare to the Grand AM one, and get this thing to work.. Here are the numbers off the bck of the unit.. It is the (allegedally) better TRW unit:

    Model/FCC ID: ABO0103R

    DOC: 218 K681

    And there is a number on the end with the connectors.. It is: 22586688

    Also, here is a pic of the RKE unit I have.. THis is the actual one:

    I am just needin toknow what is involved in getting this to operate in a Lumina.. Thanks guys.. Thatnks a lot.. 8)

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    RKE box comparisons

    Bumditty bump bump da da bumpdaaahhhh.....

    2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue GX 221,xxx 3.5L TwinCam LX5|Back in an Olds. And it feels so goooood..

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    RKE box comparisons

    So you are asking which pin out will operate the trunk popper in your Lumina??
    If so I have no idea...I'm just trying to understand this RKE box better since I have no idea about it - yet alot of people seem to have problems with it.

    If you can't get it to work, you could always put in an aftermarket unit in provided your Lumina already has power door locks and the trunk popper in the trunk.
    I have the UNGO ProSecuirty model RK-1 in my Lumina and it works great...good range as well. However, if you don't want the remote start feature, (Clarion) also makes a model that is JUST keyless entry, remote trunk popper, and all the other features of the RK-1 except the remote starter.

    Anyway, I know I'm not help to you other then a free BUMP, so BUMP lol

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    RKE box comparisons

    Yea, I am lookin for the stock style.. I have 2 remotes coming from CPS Monte.. Chevy ones 8) .. I just need to know if I will be able to run the wiring into the TRW RKE box, and have it operate the trunk pop..

    2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue GX 221,xxx 3.5L TwinCam LX5|Back in an Olds. And it feels so goooood..

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