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    Difference between FE1 and FE3?

    What are the total differences? I swapped the full 96 monte carlo suspension into the rear of the car, and am now deciding if I should just swap the entire front, or just a few select pieces. Any info would be appreciated 8)

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    Difference between FE1 and FE3?

    FE1 = every corner feels like the car's trying to throw you out the door. Even with a factory STB.
    FE3 = Flat cornering.
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    Difference between FE1 and FE3?

    okay, anyway, FE3 (in this case with the '94+ it's FE7 as well) for the front- thicker sway bar, springs that sit a bit lower, stiffer and they're more progressive.
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    Difference between FE1 and FE3?

    with FE1 and a rear sway bar added, vids of you autocrossing make people sick...when they are watching it on their computers!
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