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    ABS light comes and goes

    Ok, this is weird. The day after a heavy rain, my ABS light will come on while I am driving. Then, after a day or two of dry weather, it goes off and stays off.

    It will not come on during the heavy rain, just the day after, and does it like clockwork. This is the only time the light comes on.

    Any ideas on what is going on?

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    ABS light comes and goes


    Since you have the Cash Master 3, I couldn't really say. I would try cleaning your wheel sensors first, since that is usually a problem. If not maybe water is getting into your wires?

    Honestly just take a wire brush and clean the speed sensors.

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    ABS light comes and goes

    I'm not saying that this is the definitive solution to your problem, since you'd need to hook it up to a scanner to know for sure, but it's something to look out for:
    The ABS "computer" is sensitive to minute voltage drops, so if you're having an electrical issue, the ABS light comes on before the "battery" light does. My Regal's aux. positive terminal worked itself loose last summer and the ABS light was on steady for a good 2 weeks before I figured out the nut was loose. After I cleaned up the cable and nut of the aux. terminal and snugged 'er down, the ABS light went away (for good, too!) The reason I mentioned it is because IIRC, the light first started comming on after it rained one night (and I suspected the wheel sensors.)

    I've also had ABS-equipped cars where the ABS light came on right before the alternator crapped out...

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