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    opening a hood without the release cable

    my euro's hood is stuck closed, i need it open. the release cable is totally outa the question, its broken in several places. how do i got the hood open? put it on the lift and try and get at it from underneith?
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    opening a hood without the release cable

    I've never tried on a Lumina, but I can open Cutlass and GP hoods from underneath without even lifting them up. Reach up from underneath the bumper and feel around for your hood release cable jacket. Follow it to the center of the car to the hood latch. Feel for the small cable inside the jacket and follow that with your finger to the small lever it pulls on to open the hood. Then just pull that lever towards the drivers side of the car and it's open. Once you get good at it it's really quite easy.....

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    opening a hood without the release cable

    it's kinda hard but you can do it...
    if by chance your grille i off it's a hella lot easier...
    lay on your back just underneath your front spoiler and it's right behind the area that actually "locks" the hood down when you close it. all you have to do it visualize how it unlocks when you automatically do it...then once you move the lever over it will pop open some. next time i work on my Lumina i will be sure to take pics for ya'll

    GOOD LUCK until then!

    (hit me on AIM if you need more assistance)
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    opening a hood without the release cable

    Yeah like Brad said if you can get the grill off or loose it's really easy!

    FWIW: On my Cutlass' the previous owner let the cable hang down under the bumper so you could get to it.

    It's located right on the front corner of the car. If you can remove the plastic wheel well splash shield you can get to it.

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    opening a hood without the release cable

    all you have to do is sit on the ground and reach your hand up to the latch. You will feel a little bit of cable next to the latch(look if that helps also) and just pull down with your finger. I did that for about a year. if you have any questions send me a pm
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    opening a hood without the release cable

    Like everyone said it's not that hard, just follow where the cable runs across the hood release to locate the right spot and pull down. If the cable is already wrecked you could cut it where its easily gotten at and release it that way too.
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    opening a hood without the release cable

    you can reach in the air intake feel around where the catch is to pop the hood and you would have the hood popped no problem

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