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    Oil Pressure Sending Unit Leak on 3100

    I have an oil leak and I believe it is the Oil Pressure Sending Unit. Engine is a 3100 I found this leaking just the other day. At least I believe that's what the sensor is. It's just above the starter on the front of the engine. I can see oil dripping from it. Can you confirm that is indeed the oil pressure sending unit?

    Anything special about replacing it? Just remove the pigtail, unscrew it? On installation is there any type of sealant I should use? Anyone know the torque?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Oil Pressure Sending Unit Leak on 3100

    Should be right by the oil filter, which is near the starter. Its much easier to replace if you take the oil filter out. Should use teflon tape on the threads when you put a new one back in
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    Oil Pressure Sending Unit Leak on 3100

    Definitely the sending unit. I just changed mine on my 3100 Beretta Z26.

    Goto Pep Boys and get the socket, it's $9 and it's special for Chrysler and GM Oil Pressure Sending Units. Go home, disconnect the negative on the battery and take the fan out. It's one connecter and one 10mm bolt and slides right out. Reach down and take the connector off the sending unit. Unscrew the sending unit and put the new one in and hand tighten. Check to see where the orientation on the new one is because the connector only snaps in one way because of how tight the wiring is. The small tab on the sending unit on my car points towards the battery in order for the connector to snap back on. So I just tightened the sending unit as much as possible while still being able to put the connector back on, cleaned up all the oil, plugged everything back in and it was good to go! 30 min. at the most. Good luck.
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