I just got my ABS issues fixed. I was getting an ABS code 62 - Low Accumulator Pressure. The parts that needed replacing were the Accumulator and the High Pressure switch that mounts next to the accumulator. I have a friend at GM that got the AC Delco parts for me at cost, thank God. The Accumulator is $525.50 CAD, and the switch is $449.50 CAD. I got them for about half the cost, but still spent over $500.00 on the parts, and over $200.00 on labour, but at least I got GM warrantee. If anyone else has the same problem, (pray that you don't), here are the part numbers from the invoice. The Accumulator is 88927271 Accumulat 046470, and the switch is 88927270 Switch KI 046630, both AC Delco.