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    1997 Lumina no dash lights..Where's the ghost?

    Hey guys......just got a used 97 Lumina.....and the dash lights don't work when you turn the headlights on, they don't work period.....horn doesn't work either......seems like there is a ghost in the machine......If I go to hit the turn signals....sometimes it will flash then I turn it off....go to do it again.....either the front signal blinks and the back doesn't......or vice versa...weird gremlins! Any ideas would be great! Thanks guys

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    1997 Lumina no dash lights..Where's the ghost?

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    1997 Lumina no dash lights..Where's the ghost?

    I had this problem in the beretta and traced it down to a transistor. Just a buck or two from radio shack. Get the wiring diagrams and the test light out and track it back. Otherwise, put 12 V+ from the switch that goes to the headlights or parking lights and jump it to the int. lights wire (also on the switch) but becareful that sucker can get hot, and always check your wires with a test light before hooking them up. If there was a fuse out I'm sure you'd notice more than just the dash lights & horn (but I could be wrong, check your users manual). The test light and voltmeter are your best friends.


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    1997 Lumina no dash lights..Where's the ghost?

    I agree. Sounds like a blown fuse or two.
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    1997 Lumina no dash lights..Where's the ghost?

    I'm thinking maybe the headlight/interior dimmer switch combo might be shot. You mention the turn signals acting up as well as the horn, so that makes me think the signal switch is bad. Have you checked the brake lights lately? If your 3rd brake light lights up and the bottom 2 don't, then your signal switch is definitely bad. Why, you ask? Because the lower 2 brake lights are routed through the signal switch (that's why you see only one light on when you have the signal activated.) The horn is also routed through the signal switch. The horn problem could also be the canceling cam inside the column, but if you're replacing the signal switch to fix the problem with the signals, you might as well replace that while you have it out.

    Check this page out to see what you're up against when changing out the signal switch (or click on the link above my sig pic...) :

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